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Now celebrating over 20 years in business.  Over 25,000 decks sold!

Mr. M's World has been selling the highest quality. 100% maple un-cut, pre-bent skateboards to schools, youth groups and individuals for over 20 years.  Started by my father, a retired woodshop teacher from Santa Cruz, I am proud to carry on the tradition.

We sell several options of Santa Cruz and Sector 9 Skateboard blanks.  The skateboard blanks are unstained and unpainted wood.  Graphics or Artwork can be done on the bottom if desired.  Only simple shop tools are required!   In addition we also offer cut skateboards (with or without truck holes) for Art Classes, Artists or Groups who want to paint and assemble a board.  

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Our boards are the finest decks on the market.  All our Santa Cruz boards are made in Wisconsin of 100%, 70 year-old, slow growth maple veneer.  This wood has the tightest grain and most strength and pop of any other skateboard.  There are none better.

The molds to press the wood are 100% Santa Cruz Skateboard designed molds.

Most skateboards are now made in China or Mexico from quick growth maples. This results in warped boards and boards with less pop that break easier.  

No warped boards! - Guaranteed! 

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Mr. Kuhn, Mission Viejo, CA 

Products Offered

I sell multiple options for skateboard un-cut decks and accessories.  All board orders include complete building instructions and a truck hole template.

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Santa Cruz Skateboards PowerPly Ultra Lites

This is the actual Santa Cruz concave found in Santa Cruz boards in the skate shops today.  With all the concave and bends molded into the wood, but not cut out.  Ready to make into any skateboard shape desired.  Measures 31” by 9”.

Santa Cruz Skateboards Old School Decks

Back in Stock!! The Santa Cruz Old School is the actual mold from the late 80's / early 90's Santa Cruz Decks!   You can find examples of the boards manufactured with this mold in the Skateboard Bible and includes Roskopp’s, Kendall’s and many other. Clients have been raving about them so far!  Blank deck measures 35” x 11”

Santa Cruz Longboard Blanks

Longboard uncut decks – no concave or bends. Made of 100% maple ply, and perfect for making a custom longboard or copying a current shape.  Blank measures 48” x 8”.

Sector 9 Skateboard Blanks

These are the Current Sector 9 concave skateboards. Made of 7 ply maple and shipped directly from the Sector 9 factory in San Diego.  Measures 48” x 12"

New! Finished Skate Decks

Cut out skate deck, routed and sanded edges with truck holes drilled.  Cut from our Santa Cruz Powerply Ultralite Blanks.  Great for projects that want to offer the ability to paint your own graphics and assemble a board.  Raw Maple and multiple stained wood colors available.

Art Decks

Made for use in art projects and by artists.  They are 100% maple ply decks that have been cut out and sanded.  Options to add Gloss Coating and having Truck Holes Drilled.  Raw Maple and multiple stained wood colors available.

Skateboard Accessories

Mr. M’s World now offers a full line of Accessories from Santa Cruz, Indy, Krux, Ricta, Bullet, OJ, etc.

Including: MOB Grip Tape, Trucks, Wheels, Grip Tape, Hardware, Bearings, Santa Cruz stickers, safety gear, clothing and hats.

Many teachers buy the accessories and sell to the students in the class to complete their boards.  Minimum Santa Cruz Accessory order is $140.

Please contact me for the latest Santa Cruz Accessory price list!

Skateboard Orders

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Minimum Order of 10 decks for Santa Cruz – can combine board types.

No Minimum order for Sector 9 decks. 

Minimum order for Santa Cruz Accessories is $140

Shipping estimate will be provided for each order.  Shipping usually happens in 1-2 days via UPS Ground.

I accept check from schools or PayPal. 

How to Order:

Please email me at with your order inquiry.  I will answer all questions and help you place an order.

Email me your order and I will send you an estimate based on you shipping address.  Once you are ready to order I will send you a PayPal invoice to pay for the order.  Once paid Order ships within 1-2 days.

Purchase Orders: Orders with a school Purchase Order can ship prior to payment. I will submit a final invoice once items are shipped.



"I ordered a skatedeck from Penn State Industries, before I knew of you. Pulled it out of the box and it would make a pretty good rocking chair rocker. Warped like crazy!"

- D. Owen, Heights MS, Farmingtion, NM

"My first 10 decks were sold in 2 days and in the first month kids made 30 decks! It has turned my program around."

- James Jolliff, shop teacher at Saratoga HS, Saratoga, CA

"These boards are excellent.  There is no comparison between your boards and hardward and those I have gotten from Penn Woods"

- J.J. Lamb, Lowell Scott Middle School, Boise, ID

"My students love the blank decks. They can build 3 decks in the shop for what it would cost them to buy one in the store! Mr. M is doing a GREAT thing and is a great guy to work with"

- Matt Melvin, Thornapple Kellog HS, Middleville, MI.

"This will be my second order for 65decks, The skate deck project is everything it's cracked up to be"

Matt Gilley, Teacher, West Sylvan Middle School, Portland Oregon

"I am happy to report that, thanks largely in part because of your skateboard program, my classes have more than doubled in numbers from last year. I will be ordering 95 more decks"

- Brett Bauz, Holicong Middle Schools,Doylesville, PA

"Thanks again for supplying these materials for my students. I believe that the word has gone around among the students that they can make skateboards in Woodshop and so I have very full classes. They love your skateboard decks. Thanks."

- Ted Shinta, Monte Vista HS. Cupertino, CA

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Mr. M's World Supplies Blank Decks to Kids for the California State Fair!

2002 California State Fair 
Winning Board

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Santa Cruz Skateboard
By Henrick at Harbor High School Art Class in Santa Cruz, CA

Brett Bauz, Doylestown, PA

D. Bosco Tech, tape by Maren Kelly, Rosmead, CA                                                     Mr. Kuhn, Mission Viejo, CA

Matt Cullen, Kutztown MS, Kutztown, PA

Mr. Hibner, Palatine HS, Illinois

Mr. T. Smith, Lake Arrowhead, CA

Mr. T. Smith, Lake Arrowhead, CA                                                                Gregg Janus, Miller Middle School, Durango CO

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Mr. M donated a board to an ardent skateboarder in Iraq

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